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Stay Cool Outside With a Portable Neck Fan

As we all know it’s getting hotter every year. We at Cool as a Cucumber like to look cool and stay cool! Certainly, you might resemble a tourist at Disney World as you wear a portable fan, but the trade-off is invaluable: instant access to a refreshing breeze whenever the need arises.

Portable neck fans have become increasingly popular as a hands-free and convenient way to stay cool during hot weather, outdoor activities, or even while working.

These fans are typically worn around the neck and provide a direct stream of air to help keep the user’s body temperature down.

They’re designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and portable, making them suitable for a variety of situations. We’ve searched what’s available and have decided that the Jisulife portable neck fan is your perfect companion to keep you cool!

Why have we chosen a portable neck fan?


The features that make this portable fan separate from the others are given below.

  • Experience Refreshing Breezes: Designed with a multi-vent structure and a 270-degree air supply angle, this innovative fan incorporates an impressive 78 air outlets. It effortlessly delivers cooling sensations around your neck, akin to the soothing touch of a natural breeze.
  • Tailored Comfort at Your Fingertips: Take control of your cooling experience by selecting from three distinct air volume options. Whether you prefer a gentle breeze, a lifelike natural airflow, or a robust gust, you can personalize the fan’s output to match your preferences perfectly.
  • Power Meets Efficiency: Equipped with a dual-turbine motor featuring a double-layer design, this neck fan achieves rapid and effective air circulation. All this is accomplished without the need for excessive power consumption, thanks to its intelligent engineering that maximizes efficiency.
  • Uninterrupted Coolness, All Day Long: The built-in 4000 mAh battery ensures extended usage of up to 16 hours. Enjoy the cooling sensation without the worry of frequent recharging, allowing you to stay comfortable throughout your day.

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  • Hair-Safe and Dust-Proof Design: With its innovative wingless structure and semi-enclosed air intake, this fan is not only refreshing but also safe. You can use it with confidence, as there’s no concern about hair entanglement or unwanted dust and sweat infiltrating the device.
  • Your Partner Everywhere: Versatility is at the heart of this neck fan’s design. Whether you’re indoors tackling office tasks, embarking on outdoor adventures, traveling, camping, hiking, cooking, or focusing on your studies, this fan effortlessly adapts to any environment, ensuring your comfort is always a priority.
  • Customer satisfaction: It’s got an amazing 4.3 rating on Amazon with over 42k reviews!
  • Price: At the time of writing there’s 40% off! It’s only $23.99


  • JISULIFE Personal Neck Fan 
  • USB C USB Charging Cable(3.28 feet)
  • User Manual

It is a novel bladeless neckband fan. Designed to bring a 270-degree gentle breeze around your neck safely, this hands-free device provides a whole new way to keep heat away. Designed to be unobtrusive, it is wearable throughout your daily life without any sense of displacement or awkwardness

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