Best cooling pillows of 2023

Top 9 Best Cooling Pillows of 2023 – Tested & Reviewed

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Welcome, fellow sleep seekers! We all know the struggle of trying to catch some quality Z’s on those scorching summer nights, tossing and turning, drenched in sweat.

It’s the kind of discomfort that can turn a peaceful night’s sleep into a frustrating battle with your sheets. But fret not, because in this guide, we’ve got you covered with the Top 9 Best Cooling Pillows of 2023.

Say goodbye to those heat-induced nightmares and hello to sweet dreams of serene slumber. We understand the importance of a cool, comfortable sleep environment, and we’re here to help you make the best choice for your personal oasis of restorative rest.

So, let’s dive into the coolest pillows of the year and transform your sleep experience!

Best Overall Cooling Pillow

Casper Hybrid Snow Pillow

Casper Sleep Hybrid Snow Pillow, Standard, White


Retail price was: $149.00

editors choice

A variation of our top pick, the Casper Hybrid pillow with Snow technology, offers a refreshing twist on cooling comfort. It retains the same innovative features found in the Casper Foam pillow with Snow technology, including perforated foam and heat-absorbing HeatDelete bands nestled between the layers of the pillow.

However, what sets it apart is the incorporation of a middle layer made from PET recycled fill, a fiber derived from recycled plastic, positioned between two outer layers of foam. This unique construction imparts a lighter, plusher feel compared to the denser, all-foam version.

Moreover, the Casper Hybrid pillow boasts a distinct cover primarily crafted from nylon. This cover not only looks but also feels more mesh-like compared to the polyester-and-spandex cover featured on the foam pillow. This distinctive cover material plays a pivotal role in enhancing the cooling effect of the pillow.

During my time using this pillow, I was immediately impressed by the remarkable coolness it exuded upon touch. The sensation was not only pleasantly discernible but also long-lasting, surpassing the cooling effect of many other pillows I’ve experimented with.

Furthermore, I personally favored the softer and fluffier feel of this pillow over the more solid and structured all-foam Casper pillow. I would recommend the foam version for those who prefer a slightly firmer, more structured pillow and enjoy the enveloping sensation that foam pillows provide.

It’s worth noting that the Casper Hybrid pillow comes in standard and king sizes. Additionally, like the foam version, Casper offers a more budget-friendly variant of the hybrid that utilizes similar materials but excludes the Snow technology.

Best Cooling Pillow for Side Sleepers

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows Standard / Queen Size (Set of 2)

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows Standard / Queen Size (Set of 2)

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows Standard / Queen Size (Set of 2)


editors choice

Staying cool during those steamy nights doesn’t have to break the bank, and the Beckham Hotel pillows are here to prove it. Highly rated on Amazon and adored by Cool as a Cucumber reader, these pillows come in a convenient two-pack and offer a fantastic solution for keeping you comfortably cool.

These pillows are filled with a down-alternative polyester gel-fiber that’s a heat-trap-free zone. The fluffy, cloud-like fill has just the right loft, making it ideal for those with narrower shoulders and a smaller frame. One pillow is all you need to fill the space between your head and shoulders, providing optimal neck support. But if you prefer a higher loft, simply stack them up for that extra elevation.

As I drifted off to sleep on these pillows, I noticed how the light and cottony fill allowed air to circulate freely, and my body heat seemed to dissipate into the night air. No more waking up drenched in sweat and reaching for a glass of water in the wee hours (a scenario that’s all too familiar for me).

While these pillows might not come equipped with fancy cooling technology for that icy touch, the airy fill made a remarkable difference. I found myself sleeping more comfortably than ever. In fact, I slept so soundly that when morning came, I realized I had stayed in the same position the entire night, a rare feat for me.

These pillows come in two sizes, queen and king, and here’s the cherry on top: you can toss the entire pillow in the wash, making maintenance a breeze. So, get ready for nights of uninterrupted, cool, and cozy sleep with Beckham Hotel pillows by your side. Your dreamy, sweat-free slumber awaits!

Best Cooling Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Purple Harmony Pillow Low 5.5"

Purple Harmony Pillow Low 5.5"

5 options from 

editors choice

Introducing the Purple Harmony pillow low 5.5″, your cooling alternative to traditional memory foam! This pillow features a unique combination of materials designed to keep you comfortably cool and oh-so comfy.

At its core, you’ll find perforated Talalay latex, which is like a breath of fresh air for your pillow. Wrapped around that latex core is Purple’s signature GelFlex Grid material, known for its excellent airflow-promoting qualities. Together, they create a pillow that’s not just cool in looks but cool to sleep on too!

Now, let’s talk about that distinctive honeycomb grid. It might seem a bit intriguing at first glance, but rest assured, it’s a game-changer. It adds an extra bounce to the pillow, making it incredibly responsive. No more worries about your pillow sagging or flattening out over time.

You might be thinking, “What about those ridges on the grid? Won’t they be bothersome?” Well, I had the same concern, but here’s the good news: the grid flexes and conforms so well that you won’t feel those individual edges. It’s all about comfort, after all!

And did I mention the cool factor? Yes, this pillow keeps you comfortably cool throughout the night. Plus, it comes with a moisture-wicking mesh cover, just to seal the deal on a sweat-free slumber.

Now, when it comes to firmness, the Purple Harmony pillow leans towards the softer side. Compared to the Casper Hybrid and Casper Foam, it’s the cuddliest of the bunch. If you’re a fan of plush pillows, you’ve found your match!

But wait, there’s more! The Purple Harmony pillow comes in three loft heights to accommodate different body sizes and sleeping positions. So whether you’re a stomach sleeper, petite sleeper or a lofty lounger, there’s a Purple Harmony pillow just for you.

Say goodbye to overheating and hello to a plush, cool, and cozy night’s sleep with the Purple Harmony pillow. It’s like a dream come true! 😊

Best cool pillows (4 – 6)

Casper Snow Foam Pillow, Standard, White (Pack of 1)

Casper Snow Foam Pillow, Standard, White (Pack of 1)

Casper Snow Foam Pillow, Standard, White (Pack of 1)

Standard pack of 1 

editors choice

Let’s dive into the world of cooling comfort with the three-layer wonder that is the Casper snow Foam Pillow. This pillow is like the cool kid on the block, and it’s got a few tricks up its sleeve to keep you comfortable all night long.

First off, let’s talk about layers. The Casper Foam Pillow has not one, not two, but three layers of foam magic. The two outer layers are soft and dreamy, while the inner layer brings the support game to a whole new level. It’s like having a supportive cloud cradle your head while you snooze.

But here’s where the real coolness comes into play – Casper’s “Snow” technology. It’s not just a fancy name; it’s a bundle of features that makes this pillow a true game-changer. Picture this: ventilation holes in each layer for airflow, phase change materials (PCMs) to regulate temperature, and “HeatDelete” bands nestled between the layers. These HeatDelete bands, essentially strips of graphite, work their magic by drawing heat away from your body and sending it packing through the perforated foam. Say goodbye to those sweaty nights!

Now, when I tested this pillow, I noticed that the foam had a bit of weightiness to it, akin to a shredded latex pillow. The slightly squishy foam contoured beautifully around my head, creating a firm yet oh-so-comfortable surface to rest my weary noggin.

As promised, this pillow is your cooling superhero even when without AC. While it might not have the same crisp coolness as our best overall pick, the Casper Hybrid Cooling Pillow, it definitely holds its own. Considering that memory foam has a reputation for being a heat trap, the Casper Foam Pillow is a breath of fresh air and stays cool throughout the night.

Now, let’s talk style. The cover of the Casper Foam Pillow is made of a thicker yet incredibly comfy spandex-and-polyester blend. It might not have specific cooling features on the surface, but trust us, the magic is happening underneath.

Available in standard and king sizes, this pillow comes with a 1.25-inch wraparound gusset that makes it a dream come true for side and back sleepers. So, whether you’re a starfish or a log when you hit the hay, the Casper Foam Pillow has your back – and your head, for that matter! 😄

Best cooling pillow for Side, Stomach & Back Sleepers 

Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded-Memory-Foam Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded-Memory-Foam Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded-Memory-Foam Pillow


Retail price was: $55.00

editors choice

Meet Seth Davis, the sleep guru and founder of Sleepably, here to solve your hot sleeper woes! If you’re the kind of sleeper who turns into a human furnace at night, Seth has a pillow recommendation that’ll have you sleeping like a cool cucumber.

Picture this: shredded memory foam. It’s not just any memory foam; it’s shredded for your slumbering pleasure. Why, you ask? Because it’s all about that airflow, baby! Shredded memory foam lets the air dance through your pillow while still giving you the support you need for a good night’s rest.

Now, let’s talk about this Snuggle-Pedic pillow – it’s like a breath of fresh air for your bedtime routine. Filled with that magical shredded memory foam, it’s got your back (and your head) when it comes to support and airflow.

But wait, there’s more! This pillow comes dressed in a breathable bamboo cover, because your pillow deserves to look and feel cool, right?

Snuggle-Pedic knows that not all hot sleepers are created equal, so they offer you choices. Three versions of the pillow to be exact: adjustable-fill gel-infused shredded memory foam, adjustable-fill shredded memory foam, and nonadjustable shredded memory foam. Want the ultimate cooling power? Go for the gel-infused model; it’s worth it.

And don’t worry about pillow size – Snuggle-Pedic has got you covered with standard, queen, and king sizes. Plus, both of the adjustable-fill types come with an extra bag of fill. Feeling like you need a little extra fluff or maybe a firmer touch? You’re in control!

But here’s the real kicker – this pillow is a unicorn in the world of pillows. Why? Because the whole darn thing is machine washable and dryer safe. Yes, you read that right. No more pillow struggles; just toss it in the washer, and you’re good to go.

So, hot sleepers, say goodbye to those sweaty, restless nights and hello to the Snuggle-Pedic shredded memory foam pillow. It’s the coolest (literally!) bedtime companion you’ll ever have. Sleep tight! 😄

Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow

Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow

Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow


Retail price was: $189.00

editors choice

Let’s take a moment to introduce you to the Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual cooling pillow – the answer to your dreams for a comfortable and chill night’s sleep.

Picture this pillow as your sleep-time companion, featuring medium-firm Tempur material. It’s like having a memory foam buddy that knows exactly how to support you. But here’s the twist: It’s not your average memory foam pillow. It’s got two layers of cooling gel sandwiched in between.

Now, you might be thinking, “Gel? I’ve heard that before.” Indeed, many pillows on our list have some form of gel magic, but this Tempur-Pedic gem is like the Allswell cooling pillow’s cooler sibling. Why, you ask? Because it’s all about that dual-sided cooling gel action.

Here’s the scoop: no matter how you like to sleep, you can flip your pillow and always have a cool, refreshing gel side to rest your head on. It’s like a built-in temperature control system for your pillow!

But that’s not all – this pillow comes wrapped up in a cozy quilted cotton cover that’s also machine-washable. Because let’s face it, pillows deserve a spa day too!

Size matters, right? Well, Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual has got you covered with both king and queen sizes. So whether you’re royalty in the bedroom or you just prefer a bit more space, there’s a size for you.

Say goodbye to flipping your pillow in search of the cool side and hello to the Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual cooling pillow. It’s the ultimate cool-headed companion for your sleep journey.

Best Cooling Pillows Reviews (7 – 9) 

Layla Adjustable Fill Kapok Pillow

Layla Adjustable Fill Kapok Pillow

Layla Adjustable Fill Kapok Pillow

1 option from

editors choice

When it comes to sleep, the right pillow can be a game-changer, especially if you’re a side sleeper. Picture this scenario: you’re on your side, but your pillow is so soft that your head sinks like a deflating balloon, leaving you with a stiff, cranky neck in the morning. That’s where the Layla Kapok pillow comes in as the side sleeper’s ultimate ally.

This pillow is all about that perfect balance – it’s high enough to keep your neck aligned throughout the night, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed, not achy. But here’s the beauty of it – it’s not just high; it’s firm enough to support your head without overextending your neck. It’s like a tailor-made solution for side sleepers.

What’s inside? Shredded memory foam, designed to optimize airflow and keep you cool all night long. And the best part? You can customize it to your liking by adjusting the filling. Feeling like you want a little less fluff? No problem, just take some out.

Now, let’s talk comfort. As a side sleeper, I personally love the feel of this pillow. I like to sink in just a tad, and the Layla Kapok pillow allows for that perfect amount of sinkage while providing the essential support my neck craves during the night.

But here’s the bonus – if you’re a back sleeper, you can easily take out a bit of the filling, and voila, it becomes low and soft, tailored just for you.

Weekender Gel Memory Foam Pillow | Cooling & Ventilated

Weekender Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Weekender Gel Memory Foam Pillow | Cooling & Ventilated​


editors choice

When it comes to foam pillows, the heat factor can be a real buzzkill. But fear not, because Dr. Kennedy has some sage advice: “Find one that takes temperature regulation into account.” Well, that’s where the Weekender pillow steps in to save the day.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill foam pillow; it’s been designed with your comfort in mind. The secret sauce? Perforation. Yes, you heard it right. This pillow is all about encouraging airflow to keep things cool and comfortable. And just to up the coolness factor a notch, it’s infused with cooling gel. It’s like the icy kiss of relief after a long, hot day.

But this pillow isn’t just about staying cool; it’s also got your back – literally. The firm density ensures that your head, neck, and spine get the support they need for a restful night’s sleep.

Size options? You’ve got choices! The Weekender pillow comes in three sizes: standard, queen, and king. Whether you like to snuggle up to a compact pillow or sprawl out on a king-sized cloud, there’s a size that suits you.

Now, let’s talk about maintenance. Like most memory foam pillows, this one boasts a machine-washable cover, making cleanup a breeze. But here’s a heads-up: the foam itself is spot-clean only. So, keep those spills at bay!

Nestl Shredded Memory Foam Cooling Body Pillow for Adults

Weekender Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Nestl Shredded Memory Foam Cooling Body Pillow for Adults


editors choice

Ah, the body pillow – the unsung hero of a good night’s sleep, according to Davis (founder of Babes and Beyond). It’s the secret weapon in keeping your entire body, from head to toe, perfectly aligned while you snooze. But, let’s face it, hugging an oversized pillow for hours can turn your night into a sweaty affair. That’s where the Nestl body pillow steps onto the scene, ready to change the game.

Picture this: a body pillow that’s not just about comfort but also about keeping things cool. It’s like a superhero cape for your sleep! Nestl has gone all out with this one, starting with the machine-washable “ice silk” cover. No, it’s not real silk, but it’s got that silky-smooth, naturally cool-to-the-touch vibe that’s perfect for combating those sweaty nights.

Now, let’s talk about the filling. It’s gel-infused shredded memory foam, and here’s the cool part: you can adjust it to your heart’s content. Need a firmer feel tonight? No problem. Feeling like you want to sink into a cloud of softness? It’s got you covered.

But that’s not all – Nestl doesn’t stop at body pillows. They also offer cooling bed pillows in queen, king, and toddler sizes. So, whether you’re snuggling up with a body pillow or resting your head on a cooling bed pillow, Nestl has your sleep needs covered.

Which things to look while shopping for the best cooling pillows?

  • Cooling Technology: Seek pillows with advanced cooling technology like gel-infused memory foam or phase change materials (PCMs). These innovations help regulate temperature and keep you comfortably cool throughout the night.

  • Material and Construction: Opt for pillows made from breathable and moisture-wicking materials like bamboo or “ice silk” covers. Look for well-ventilated designs, such as perforated foam or shredded fill, to enhance airflow and prevent heat buildup.

  • Adjustable Firmness: Consider pillows with adjustable fill or foam layers. This feature allows you to customize the firmness and loft of your pillow, ensuring a comfortable and supportive sleep experience tailored to your preferences.

  • Size and Shape: Choose the right size and shape to match your sleeping position. Side sleepers may prefer thicker, firmer pillows, while back and stomach sleepers might opt for lower loft options. Pillow sizes should complement your bed size for a cohesive look and feel.

Wrapping up:

In conclusion, the best cooling pillow for you depends on your sleep style and personal preferences. Whether you’re a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or back sleeper, there’s a cooling pillow on this list that’s tailored just for you. Sweet dreams, and may you enjoy cool, restful nights in 2023!

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